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6th Grade English Course Content & Expectations

In-Class Reading

In this course we will read a wide variety of materials including short stories, novels, poetry and nonfiction. Although we will read some of our core novels together in class, additional pages will need to be read at home at times. The practice of reading more than one book at a time and managing this task efficiently is a goal for all students as they progress through the middle grades and prepare for high school.

Reading Workshop/ Independent Reading

Reading workshop will be the manner in which independent reading is conducted and evaluated. Students are expected to read regularly at home. For more detailed information, please see the Reading Workshop tab on the GVMS 6th grade website page.


Quizzes will be administered on a regular basis to assess student progress in the areas of reading, vocabulary development, & grammar.


Students are expected to complete all assignments neatly and, at times, typed. The workload is rigorous, in part because English is a double block and carries double the workload of other classes. One can expect independent reading, as explained above. Keep in mind that some students will need more support at home (especially with organization and time management) than others.


Students use their journal to share written responses and / or record information shared during class. Students might respond to a quote, a prompt, or a video; answer an analogy or riddle; interpret a song lyric; etc. The purpose of this ritual is multi-faceted, but primarily it is used to get the creative juices flowing and give students the time to voice their thoughts.


Students will experience a variety of writing assignments this year. These may include responses to literature, quick-write activities, and special assignments. The Writing Process is reinforced, and students will continue to develop skills necessary to revise and edit written pieces.


Assessments (quizzes, tests, projects, writing, etc.) will account for 70% of the student’s final quarter grade. Homework and Classwork together will comprise the remaining 30%.


Grammar concepts and skills will be taught through mini-lessons and direct instruction, and then reinforced with practice, activities, and/or games. Grammar will also be infused within the writing experience to provide meaning and relevance for students.

Vocabulary/Word Study

Vocabulary and word study will take place throughout the year. Several different strategies to understand words are taught and practiced to improve each student’s vocabulary base, as well as enhance understanding of word parts and origins.

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