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Study Tips

Preparing to Study

It is crucial that you find a good place to study. This means a quiet place with a solid, flat surface. You must also try to study at the same time each day. Establish a routine. Make sure you have the following before you begin:

  • Your planner

  • Books and supplies

  • Glasses (if you wear them)

  • No distractions - you need quiet to study effectively

Listening Skills

Being an effective listener is an extremely important characteristic to school success. To be a better listener:

  • Before class think about the main points from your last class and review what your assignment was for the class

  • Pay attention!!

  • Hear what is said, not what you want to hear

  • Relate new things to what you already know

  • Always write down the assignment your teacher gives you

  • Listen for these phrases: "This is important...", "You'll need to know this for the test...", "Write this down..."

Note-taking Tips

  • Be prepared to take notes at the beginning of class

  • Come to class prepared with pens or pencils, notebooks and all necessary materials

  • Be an active participant in classroom discussions

  • Listen for what the teacher is emphasizing and write it down

  • If something is written on the board, you should probably write it down

  • Be alert do not try to write every word - write main ideas, content and information

  • Develop your own way of abbreviating words

  • Write notes in an outline form

  • It is important to go over your notes immediately class several times so you begin to learn and remember everything

Time Management Tips

  • establish a regular time and place for study

  • use daylight hours to study

  • keep a date book and write down all assignments

  • take breaks - don't do marathon study sessions

  • use flash cards

  • form study groups

  • schedule your most difficult assignments for when you are most alert

  • make a daily checklist

  • set priorities

  • do the most important tasks first

General Tips

  • keep all assignments, handouts, tests, inc.

  • always record assignments as they are given

  • study the same time everyday

  • ask for help as soon as you realize you don't understand something - don't wait!!!

  • process information each day - immediately after class or as soon as you get home

  • make flash cards

  • get a study buddy or form a study group

  • take organized notes

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