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Geometry Gems:

Students discover geometric relationships and develop spatial sense by analyzing and discussing a variety of geometry concepts. Hands-on activities and two independent projects are the main components of this course. Students work independently to create both a line design and a tessellated stain glass window.

The following skills are emphasized: Problem Solving, Creativity, Time Management, Group skills.

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After studying the scientific principles of aerodynamics, students will follow directions to create a hot air balloon, a model airplane, and a rocket. Following several test flights, students will adjust their completed models in order to adhere to previously discovered principles. A field trip to the Helicopter Museum is planned.

The following skills are emphasized: Team Building, Problem Solving, Research, Time Management, Leadership.

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Structures are a celebration of the triumphant alliance of human technology and human spirit. Students investigate the essential components of a structure and how these members interact with one another. The main emphasis of this course will center on student construction of earthquake-resistant structures. Tremors of excitement will be sent through the classroom as students discover whose structure survived the earthquake!

The following skills are emphasized: Creative thinking, Risk-taking, Leadership, Problem-solving, Time management, Interpersonal skills.

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Ancient Cultures:

This unit kicks off with a simulation of prehistoric times. Students work in small groups to face challenges of the Stone Age. Students learn to work cooperatively in pursuit of Survival Stones, earned for activities such as cave painting and hunting / gathering. Problem solving skills are put to the test as groups tackle the challenge of reconstructing Stonehenge (in miniature) using only primitive materials. The unit culminates with independent research and PowerPoint presentations.

The following skills are emphasized: Group work, Leadership, Problem Solving, Research, Time Management

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Movement in Art:

Classroom activities will focus on the movement, symmetry, and balance of art. Students will create paintings replicating Van Gogh's, The Starry Night, and will craft a bottle sculpture showing movement. The technique of Alexander Calder will be investigated as students create circus figures from wire. The conscientious student will experience a “packed” course content, including the creation of human mobiles!

The following skills are practiced in this unit: Creative Thinking, Presentation, Independent Learning, Time Management.

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Did Jack commit murder in the first degree when he killed the Giant? Were the charges against Socrates trumped up? Should Galileo have been tried for heresy? Throughout this course, students will examine evidence, make value judgments, discuss judicial decisions, and participate in a mock trial simulation or write a radio mystery saga. The history of jurisprudence, as well as silly statutes will also be investigated. A trip to the Delaware County Court House is planned.

The following skills are practiced here: Leadership, Deductive/Inductive thinking, Presentation, Organization, Risk-taking, Communication, Creative Writing.

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From Shakespeare to Sondheim, Greek tragedies to Grease, this unit introduces students to the theater from a variety of different angles. Intended for both experienced thespians, and stage-shy newcomers, the Theater cours has a little something for every taste and ability level. Students will engage in movement and improvisation activities that emphasize creativity. They will also flex their acting muscles in both a mini-drama and a Shakespearean play. Those who prefer a “behind the scenes” role will enjoy studying stage makeup and learning about the various non-acting jobs associated with the theater. A trip to the Pennsylvania Ballet to see Dracula is planned.

The following skills are emphasized: Group work, Critical thinking, Creativity

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This course serves as a basic introduction to economics. Students will investigate: the role of supply and demand, market systems, credit cards, consumerism, SEC, Federal Reserve Bank, and car insurance. A banking simulation and the Stock Market Game provide a first-hand approach to this study. A field trip to the Federal Reserve Bank and the U.S. Mint are planned.

The following goals are honed here: Risk Taking, Leadership, Organizational Skills, Communication, Research, and Time Management.

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Multicultural Art:

In a world where differences in culture and ethnicity sometimes bring conflict, students will experience art as a language of understanding. A majority of class time will be devoted to working on projects of popular art handed by tradition. A conscientious student will be able to create many representative pieces.

The following skills are honed here: Presentation, Creative thinking, Research, Creative writing, Time management.

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Paper Engineering:

Problem solving and creativity go hand in hand during this unit. Students are introduced to a series of pop-up mechanisms used in greeting cards and commercial pop-up books. As the mechanisms become increasingly challenging, students use their problem solving skills and good, old-fashioned trial and error to recreate each mechanism. Applying their newfound engineering skills, students spend the remainder of the quarter working on their own pop-up books on a topic of their choice.

The following skills are emphasized: Problem Solving, Critical thinking, Creativity, Time Management

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Students will use brainstorming, reasoning, and problem solving skills to solve mind-stretching puzzles, cryptograms, codes and other strategy games. Classic board games from around the world will be investigated. Students choosing this course will create a Jeopardy Computer Game, and will be able to participate in the Pennsylvania Quiz Bowl Contest.

The following skills are stressed in this unit: Creative Problem Solving, Deductive and Inductive Skills, Risk Taking, Critical Thinking Skills, Team-building Skills

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Independent Study:

Do you have a particular interest you would like to investigate further, or maybe a hobby you’d like to share with the class? This unit is dedicated to you and your personal interests. Join us for independent study. A time will be planned for class presentation and sharing.

The following skills are stressed here: Goal setting, Organization, Research, Presentation, Critical thinking, Creative thinking

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